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Our Governance

History and membership

We are affiliated to British Rowing, having been established in 1980 through a merger of a number of clubs that had rowed on the Lea since the nineteenth century. You can find out more about the history of rowing on the Lea on our Club History page. We now have more than 300 members, who are mostly active rowers.

We are an independent club, run by members and united by a common love of rowing, flourishing in the heart of Hackney. This section explains more about how the Club is run.

Governance and Board of Directors

Our board of directors/trustees has overall responsibility for governance and management. As a registered charity, all directors are also charity trustees. All are elected democratically by the members at our annual general meeting for a one year, except the President who is elected for three years. Under our constitution, there can be up to 12 directors/trustees. The club was incorporated as a limited, not-for-profit, company in 2010.

Rowing and facilities

Our rowing activities are managed by the Rowing Committee, chaired by the Captain. Likewise, our Facilities Committee is chaired by the Facilities Director.

Our volunteers

We would not function without the support of our fantastic members who volunteer for coaching, helping with learn to row courses, running club events, truck driving, boat maintenance and the myriad of other tasks that need to be done. We thank them all!


Antoinette Jucker, President (re-elected for three-year term in 2020)

Trustees elected at the AGM in November 2020:

  • Matt Pooley, Captain 

  • Charlie Barry, Secretary

  • Fred Shearer, Finance Director

  • Richard Ellis, Facilities Director

  • Sara Cinamon, Trustee

  • Mark Cushway, Trustee

  • David Porter, Trustee

  • Simon Clark, Trustee

  • Jennie Brotherston, Trustee

Annual report

The latest Annual report can be dowloaded from Companies House

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