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Lea R.C. has a colourful and successful history and a fantastic set of achievements. We are now more than 40 years old, but our origins stretch back much further. Thousands of people have been involved with our club over the years as rowers, coxswains, coaches and supporters. And we want to stay in touch.


FRIENDS OF THE LEA is our initiative to allow past and present Lea people to stay connected and support the club. Friends will be sent quarterly updates on the Club’s activities, and invited to brilliant events that bring everyone together, including an annual party.


As a Friend you will also have the opportunity to buy exclusive merchandise, including a club clothing range and prestigious pin badge. And, perhaps most importantly, our Friends are able to support the Lea's quest to compete and win at the highest level of club rowing.

Anyone can join FRIENDS OF THE LEA. All we ask is for you to consider a regular donation to the club by standing order.

To join Friends of the Lea please complete our online sign-up form:

The Friends of the Lea sign-up form can also be downloaded from our Resources & Downloads page.

Net proceeds from the scheme will be used to buy rowing equipment, under the discretion of our Captain. In 2021, we are specifically raising money for the Captain’s THREE PAIRS CHALLENGE to buy a brand-new racing shell for each of our men’s, women’s and junior squads. We're already over halfway there (as of early March) and progress updates will be provided in our quarterly newsletter.

We have designed our FRIENDS membership at four levels that should be accessible to all who wish and are able to contribute:



£50 per year



£100 per year



£250+ per year



A donation of your choice*

*If you would prefer to contribute to the three pairs challenge in the blue friends category please contact Gail at friends@learc.org.uk

The Friends of the Lea sign-up form can also be downloaded from our Resources & Downloads page.

We always welcome new members who want to compete at the highest level nationally and internationally, or simply want to enjoy rowing socially and be part of our community.


Our aim with FRIENDS OF THE LEA is to support our charitable objective of making top-level rowing achievable - and ultimately to chalk up more wins at Henley Regattas. To do this, we need to ensure our fleet is up to the standards of our athletes. Our hope is that FRIENDS OF THE LEA will secure this important target in future.


If you would like more information or have ideas for fundraising or want to help out, please contact Gail on friends@learc.org.uk.