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Our Stories

About I Am A Rower

In recognition of our diversity work as a club and commitment to increasing access to rowing, the Lea Rowing Club was asked to take part in National Sporting Heritage Day, 30 September 2022.

We put together a photographic exhibition around the idea of rowing for all called I Am A Rower. The photographs are accompanied by audio interviews so the viewer can also listen to each rower’s story.


The idea behind the exhibition is to show that rowers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, goals and backgrounds – and hopefully to allow more people to see themselves as potential rowers in waiting …


We hope that I Am A Rower is an inspiring, powerful and fun way to amplify the message of the 2022 National Sporting Heritage Day – Diversity in Sport – as well as an invaluable asset in raising the profile of the club to the local community and beyond.

After a successful and very well-attended private view at the club, and two more showings in the Lea clubhouse alongside club events, the I Am A Rower exhibition enjoyed a six week run at the Henley River and Rowing Museum in 2023.

“It was very special, and innovative, to be able to listen to each rower’s unique story in their own words by using the QR code. The stories powerfully demonstrate how rowing is reaching a wider community and giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the sense of freedom, challenge and team spirit that is fundamental to our sport.”

— Greg Searle MBE

Thanks to Canal and River Trust, Lea Rowing Club, National Sporting Heritage Day and Print Space for funding and supporting this exhibition.

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