Do you run taster sessions?

We do not run taster sessions but we do run learn to row courses and rowing camps during school holidays. Please sign up to this through our EOI form

Does my child have to be at a certain level of fitness to join?

We accept young people at all different levels of fitness into our Learn to Row squad. This squad will help start and promote fitness as well as learning to row.

Does my child need to be able to swim?

Rowing is a water sport and the child must be able to swim and be confident that they will not panic if they fall in. The child must be able to swim at least 50 meters.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No, we supply boats, buoyancy aids and any other relevant equipment.

What should my child wear/bring to the session?

  • Juniors should wear weather dependent sports clothing that is not loose fitting (it can get caught in the boat/equipment).
  • Hi-viz tops are a requirement
  • Hats if hot/very cold, sun protection if hot, layers if cold, trainers, towel, change of kit, bottle for water.

Do you organise capsize tests

Yes, we will organise these up to four times a year depending on the number of participants who need to complete one. These will generally be completed within the first three months of joining the Club. Junior members who have not completed the test need to wear buoyancy aids at all times. These are supplied by the Club.

Are the coaches qualified?

Our Head Coaches and Lead Coaches have at least a Level 2 United Kingdom Certificate in Coaching (UKCC) as well as safeguarding and first aid training. All adult coaches have an enhanced DBS check.

What are the pre-requisites for Fast Track?

We hold open days twice a year (April and October) where pre-invited young people who show potential for rowing are assessed for our Fast Track Squad. The assessment looks at strength and conditioning, agility, learnability and water-ship skills. Please indicate your interest for this squad on your EOI form.

My child would like to commit to more rowing sessions. Can they attend on other days as well?

The work and squad they are in will reflect their age and the stage of their development and it’s important not to over train. It is always the coach’s aim to develop each rower so there are always opportunities to move into different squads, to train more, or less. 1:1 coaching is sometimes available, for short periods of time. Please speak to your coach for more information.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is not good enough to row outside, the coaches will do an indoor session with the group. A session may be cancelled due to snow for example. In this case we will contact you to let you know.

Do you sell kit?

We sell Lea branded apparel periodically throughout the year. The coaches will inform the rowers when orders need to be submitted. The Lea R.C. kit (e.g. all-in-one) is only needed for those who are racing.

What training will my child do and what will the coaches teach my child?

Learn to Row and Fast Track (Beginner’s level)

Learn to Row has up to three training sessions a week; one online session, which works on strength, flexibility and mindfulness; a gym session on a Friday evening, after school; and a water session on a Sunday afternoon. All sessions last an hour and a half. Fast Track has up to four training sessions a week; a mix of water and gym sessions, similar to the above.

Coaches will teach your child to:

  • Learn to be safe within their environment, whether that is in the gym or on the water.
  • Gain basic skills and knowledge of rowing terminology.
  • Experience sculling (two oars) and possibly sweep (one oar) rowing.
  • Care and handle equipment including launching and landing boats.
  • Learn how to cox a crew boat and how to steer.
  • Use the rowing machine including setting the monitor.
  • Experience rowing both in a crew boat and on their own in a ‘single’.
  • Learn the importance of warming up and cooling down and how to do this.

Club Squad and Competition Squad (Intermediate level)

Club Squad trains up to three times a week. One online session, one gym session and one water session. This section’s focus is on creating a fun environment for its Juniors to remain fit and active and refine their understanding of the sport.

Competition Squad trains up to seven times a week. There are three gym sessions during the week and water sessions at the weekend. At this stage of their development, we promote a more varied, cross training programme to support better technique, quality of movement as well as strength and conditioning.

Coaches will teach your child to:

  • Participate in mindfulness exercises to promote confidence and a positive attitude.
  • Obtain a basic understanding of how a good nutrition programme can promote better training.
  • Gain more knowledge of rowing terminology.
  • Be able to rig and de-rig a boat and understand boat set-up for their personal use.
  • Start to race in national races at a beginner’s level.

Performance Squad (Advanced level)

The Performance Squad trains up to 12 times a week, including early mornings before school. They closely follow the GB training programme and some juniors will start to enter the GB system on camps and courses. The coaches will help stretch and promote excellence from each individual rower, through rower profilers and bespoke training programmes.

Coaches will teach your child to:

  • Cultivate club and team camaraderie.
  • Learn the importance of a variety of factors that may affect performance. They attend lectures organised by the Club including talks and training from outside specialists to enrich the training programme. These may include mindfulness programmes, high performance nutrition programmes and strength and conditioning lectures.
  • Start to personally manage monthly high performance training.

Our competitive achievements

The Junior Squad has been one of the club’s biggest success stories over recent years. Our achievements on the national and international stage are too numerous to mention here. Some highlights are below and more detailed information is on our Hall of Fame web page.

2019 saw four of our Lea Junior boys represent GB across Europe. Two Junior boys represented Great Britain in the junior men’s event at the Coupe de la Jeunesse and at Munich’s Regatta; where a single Junior sculler came 3rd over all. Our J16 double won as GB vs. France. In 2018, Lea Juniors were crowned British Champions in both WJ18 2, and WJ16 4+ categories.

Lea Blues
Former Lea R.C. Junior Maddy Badcott rowed for Oxford twice in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat race. She was elected President in her final year. Maddy Badcott also rowed for Great Britain at the Coupe de la Jeunesse.

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