Lea R.C. Men’s Squads

The Lea R.C.’s men’s squads cater for a range of competitiveness and abilities in rowing and sculling. We are strongly aspirational, and have serious ambitions to return to the winners podium at Henley Royal Regatta, following our strong showing in the Wyfold Challenge in 2018 and 2017, and the Britannia semi-final in in 2015. If you become a member, you’ll be joining a large club that’s very socially engaged, as well as athletically focussed, and able to row all year round.


Do you want to play your part in building on the achievements of an ambitious club?


We have a range of men’s squads that allow members to row competitively at any age, ability or level of development. We operate a ‘pyramid' structure that replicates the British Rowing system – from elite and club level, to recreational.


For those interested in competing, we aim to develop a flexible programme that fits as well as possible with your work–life balance, whilst still allowing you to achieve your maximum potential.


We compete at regional, national and international events, and our programme identifies the best events for your abilities. Over the 2017/18 season, we had two boats in the top 100 at Head of the River; and over the last few years we have consistently fielded two competitive crews at Henley Royal Regatta.

Lea R.C., HORR 2019

Henley Royal Regatta 2018

Lea R.C. Men’s 8+ and 4- racing in the Thames Challenge Cup and the Wyfold

Lea R.C, Henley Royal Regatta, 2018 © WEROW

Henley Royal Regatta, 2018, Copyright © WeRow

Lea R.C. Doclands Head 2019

Dockland Head 2019

Our squads


Performance (10% of the men's squad; up to 8 water and or land
sessions per week)

We aim to be competitive and win at elite events, be in the top 25 eights boats at Head of the River, and reach the finals of Henley Royal Regatta – with ambitions to take our achievements one step further each year. 

Fast Track (up to 10% of the club as a whole; extra 1–2 technical
sessions per week)

We have ‘talent spotting’ oversight across all squads, and the most promising athletes – who want to train hard, are coachable, and show rapid improvement – will have the opportunity for additional training sessions with our most experienced coaches in addition to the regular training programme.

Club (80% of the men's squad, ranging from 4–6 sessions per week)

The majority of the men’s squad will train in groups at similar levels of ability, and will race and win at club level events. The groups include the club, development, and Masters rowers. Our aims are to develop new rowers or rowers returning to the sport, to help gain rowing experience and race competitively. Coaching will be available to crews on a rotational basis in the weeks leading up to priority races and regattas. More experienced rowers will mentor newcomers, sharing technique tips and cultivating adaptability in line-ups in the boat and athleticism

Sudbury regatta August 2019, Copyright © Bill Hiskett

Sudbury Regatta 2019, Copyright © Bill Hiskett


Novices joining the club from the Learn to Row programme will have dedicated coaching in their first year of rowing.

Recreational rowers

If you prefer to row recreationally have a look at our Recreational Rowing page.

To enquire about Joining Lea R.C.’s Men’s Squad please go to the Adult Racing Squads link on our Join Lea R.C. page to complete the online form