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Molesey Vets (and Junior) Head

Our youngest and our oldest descended upon Molesey on Saturday. The Junior faction had the opportunity to row there after earlier head race was cancelled – thankfully much more clement weather today. Seven junior and three masters crews raced the 3250m picturesque stretch of water.

For the juniors, we had a mix of tried and tested new crew combos to add to the excitement. For the masters, we were trying out a mixed boat in the run up to vets head, and a new women’s quad line up.

The juniors came home with two wins and three 2nd places. The under 16s girls coxed four (WJ164+, pictured) beat the second placed crew by a very convincing 19s, and the U18s girls’ double (WJ182x) had a similarly convincing win. The U16 boys’ (Op J16 4x) and U18 girls’ quad (WJ18 4x just missed out on wins by 2.5 and 4 seconds, respectively.

The novice women’s masters quad (W Mas 4x+ pictured) had a brilliant race, beating their opponents by 90s with the handicap applied. The Mas 4x- came a solid 2nd out of 7, hot on the heals of Eton Excelsior. The mixed Masters eight had no opposition, sadly, but there was overtaking!

A great day all in all and it was fantastic to see the diversity of the Club’s age groups represented, and a brilliant turn out from parents and friends to cheer us on!

16 February 2019

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