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Lea R.C. Women’s Squad

Lea’s women’s racing squads cater for a range of experience and abilities. We are growing in ambition as well as size and able to compete and win at the highest levels nationally and regionally.

We typically enter multiple crews at all the major events, including Henley Women’s Regatta, Women’s Head of the River (WeHoRR) and have entered at least one women’s crew at Henley Royal Regatta for the last three years.

Our women’s squad is socially active and diverse in background and offers something for everyone, no matter your ambition.

Lea R.C. Henley Masters 2019

We have a range of women’s squads that allow members to row and race competitively at any age, ability or experience with training plans that reflect the squads’ respective objectives.

Most of our members work full time. As such, the training programmes and schedules are designed to accommodate this, whilst still allowing you to achieve your potential.


Our squads


Performance squad

This is the top squad in the club for the most competitive rowers. Ambitions are to win at championship and aspirational events at major regattas including Henley Women’s, be in the top 40 at the Women’s Head of the River and compete in the Wargrave Challenge (Club 8+) Cup at Henley Royal Regatta.

In the spring regatta season, the squad does some of its water training sessions at the Royal Albert Docks near London City Airport where we have access to a 2km, multilane straight.

Within the overall Performance squad will be a group of ‘Development’ athletes who may be less experienced but have shown potential and are eager to improve and compete. These athletes aim to compete at entry-level events at some of the bigger regattas as part of a tiered pathway to the highest levels of competition.

There are 7–11 sessions a week depending on the squad including 3–5 on the water and around 4–6 land training sessions spread across six days.


Club squad

The Club squad is the largest group in the racing squads. They train on the water Saturday and Sunday mid-mornings and have 2–3 land training sessions available to them as part of a training plan set by the Head Women’s coach. Strict adherence to land training is not a prerequisite for this squad as we understand work and other life priorities can prevent many from following a training plan.


They train in groups at similar levels of ability, share coxing duties, and will race and win at club-level events at regional regattas and Head races. The squad aims are to develop new rowers and rowers returning to the sport, to help gain rowing experience and race competitively. Coaching is sometimes available to crews in the weeks leading up to priority races and regattas. More experienced rowers will mentor newcomers, sharing technique tips and cultivating self-sufficiency in development and working towards goals.


The Novice squad is formed of both men and women rowers who join the club wanting to compete from our (or a comparable) Learn to Row programme. They have dedicated coaching in their first year of rowing to develop their technique, build fitness, and get them started in racing.

Recreational rowers

If you prefer to row recreationally have a look at our Recreational Rowing page.

To enquire about Joining Lea R.C.’s Women’s Squad please go to the Adult Racing Squads link on our Join Lea R.C. page to complete the online form

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